Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Trip Part I @ Tokyo Omotensando & Harajuku

Makgoli @ Seikoen

Tendon @ Ten-Ya

Grilled Pork @ Kohmen Omotesando

Ramen with Toppings at the side @ Kohmen

Almond Pudding with Strawberry Puree @ Kohmen

When we travel, we seldom go by tours. We prefer to explore the city by ourselves, try any restaurants that interest our taste buds *drool* or shop around the town ;) Life sure is good when you can walk in your own time ~~

Nissin Cup Noodles!

 Chicken Rush anyone?

I am a big fan of Nissin's Cup Noodles! Found various of flavors in one of the minimarts in Tokyo. I especially love the Cheese Curry.. Should I say YUMS or what <3 I used to eat alot of instant noodles when I was younger. I know.. it's not healthy.. But it's super easy to cook, and it's so good! Over the years I decreased my "consumption" of instant noodles, but I still go to the noodles section in supermarkets to see if they have new flavors, and buy some to try instead of stocking up at home!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hojicha Latte

How do they know to put a heart on my HL? :p 

I've found myself thinking about Hojicha Latte from Starbucks Japan since a year ago.. first time I tried it was in Shibuya after spending some time in that area -- 109 (Ichi Maru Kyu). Ever since then I've been going back to Starbucks for it. Hojicha Latte.. Hojicha Latte.. Even when we were at the airport, I had to get my last hojicha latte of the trip before going for the immigration checkpoint. Slurpps!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Macaroon Day!

Monsieur Pierre

Lovely Pink for Rose

I took a class on how to make macaroons together with my sister and a couple of friends. The offered flavors were pistachio and passion fruit, but since we (my sister and me :p) love rose macaroon so much we requested the French instructor to include rose flavor in our class <3

Pistachio greenn :D
After getting dropped off to this place, we met up with other friends and were all ready for some messy-dirty-fun baking! Apparently the instructor prepared all the ingredients (measured, weighed) in bowls, possibly knowing we might do damage to his very clean house!

So he showed us how to make the first batch (time-consuming... but it just have to be that way) with ease. Everything seemed so easy. Of course, he has been doing it alot. *tip: room must be dry to make macaroons. The whole process of learning went smoothly, with my sister and I doing the pink macaroons and the other 3 friends doing green. I love macaroons having light pastel colors. Pretty ooh~la~la..

I was never a fan of passion fruit flavor desserts. But the one he did was pretty good. Not too sour and not too sweet, very balanced. As you can see, the macaroons we did were in different sizes.. and of course with my sister being cute-sy and all, had to do mini bite-size macaroons. Good idea! Perfect for partaaaayyyy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

H Trip

Complimentary Coffee Jelly and Chocolates from H

Kelly bag Chocolates (dark and milk)

Coffee Jelly in Hermes Cafe located in Ginza is so refreshing! Coffee jelly topped with coffee ice cream and whipped cream TDF! Chocolates are good too. Only available in Japan ;) Make sure to stop by when you get a chance. Ladiieesss.. aren't you excited to taste the kelly??

ps. Coffee jelly is only offered during Spring/Summer.

Peko Chan!

Peko Chan dessert store is located in Ginza, Tokyo. Momma always buys me peko chan milk candy since I was small. You can't go wrong with Japanese products -- good quality.

Hello Japan!

From left: skull ring with garnet eyes by Pinyo; lip ring by Solange Azagury- Partridge